Prince Harry: Some members of the British royal family have slept with the devil

Prince Harry has said he has made his rift with the British royal family public and launched a media offensive to try to help the monarchy and change the media, Reuters reported.

In the first of a series of television interviews aired yesterday ahead of the launch of his memoirs, Harry accused family members of sleeping with the devil – the tabloid press – to smear him and his wife Meghan and boost their own reputations.

He told Britain’s ITV that he left the UK with his family and went to California in 2020 “fearing for our lives” and said he could no longer recognize his father and older brother Prince William, the Crown Prince.

“After many, many years of lies that have been told about me and my family, there comes a time when, going back to the relationship between certain members of the family and the tabloid press, these certain members decided to sleep with the devil… to rehabilitate their image,” he said.

“The moment this rehabilitation is detrimental to others, to me, to other members of my family, that’s when I draw the line,” he added.

In the ITV interview, Harry reiterated and expanded on accusations he and Meghan have made since stepping down from their royal duties – that the royals and their aides have not only failed to protect them from a hostile and sometimes racist press, but have actively allowed stories about them through anonymous sources.

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