Prince Harry: I don’t want an institution, I want a family

“The biggest, oldest and most dysfunctional family” – this is how Prince Harry describes the royal family of Great Britain in his new book. In an interview with Tom Bradby. the crown prince commented on everything from Diana’s death to his relationship with his father, King Charles III, and his brother, Prince William.

“My sweet boy, mom has an accident”

Throughout the interview, excerpts from Prince Harry’s book titled Spare can be heard, which opens with a somber account of the evening the young princes learned of the death of their mother, Princess Diana.

“He sat on the edge of the bed and put his hand on my knee. “My dear boy, mom has had an accident.” I remember thinking “crash, okay. But she’s fine, isn’t she?’ I was waiting for him to say he was fine, but he didn’t,” Harry recalled.

“They tried, my dear boy. Unfortunately, she did not survive.”

In the interview, Harry talks about how he feels understanding and compassion for his father, because it must have been very difficult for him to say such a thing to his sons.

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“I lost a lot of memories before this happened. It must have been my defense mechanism,” commented Harry.

He also reveals that he asked to see the documents surrounding the investigation into his mother’s death and is very grateful to his secretary at the time for not allowing him to see the most shocking footage.

“I remember when I realized the reflections in car windows for what they were. Lightning bolts. These were flashes of lightning and behind some of them – ghostly faces. Paparazzi. The paparazzi had taken pictures in the reflections. Neither of them tried to help her. They just shot, shot, shot,” Harry says.

The disaster with Princess Diana was explained to the two boys as “a chain on a wheel – if you took out one link, the result would not have been this way”. Both princes, self-syndicated from each other, ask their drivers to drive through the tunnel in which Diana dies. “You can’t lose control in this tunnel. Even after a few drinks. It’s impossible,” says Harry.

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“I love my father. I love my brother. I love my family”

“I always felt that my father was not ready for parenthood. What if he is a single parent? Dad was never ready for this. If I’m being honest – he tried,” Harry says of the relationship with his father, King Charles III.

In the interview, the prince revealed that he had a serious conversation with his father one night in which he apologized to him for his serious depression and anger issues. “I guess it’s my fault. I should have provided you with help years ago,” Harry relays the words to his father.

William and Harry begged their father not to marry Camilla – now Queen Consort. “We support you, we support Camila. Just don’t marry her. Stay together, Dad.’ So we told him, he didn’t answer. Soon after that conversation, Camilla began the ‘long game’ – a serious campaign with the ultimate goal of marriage and the Crown,” says Harry.

Regarding the relationship with his brother, he admits that there has always been competition.

“There is love, but also a lot of separation. That will probably surprise people,” Harry says. According to him, there was a period when his brother wanted nothing to do with him.

The prince says that he had hoped that the “Fabulous Four” – William, Kate, Meghan and Harry – really existed, but it quickly became clear that this was not to be. “The four of us being together has always been my hope,” Harry says in the interview.

“Very quickly it turned into ‘Meghan v Kate,'” he admits.

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“I swear on mom’s life!”

In one of the quotes from Harry’s book, he recounts a chilling conversation between his brother and himself. The action takes place during the funeral of Elizabeth II.

“He was trying to catch my eye. He made me look into his eyes. “Listen to me, Harold. I love you. I want you to be happy. I just want you to be happy. Harold, I swear, I swear on mom’s life,” the prince recalled.

“He stopped, I stopped, Dad stopped. William used the secret word, our universal password. We had agreed since childhood that we would only use these words in moments of great crisis. “I swear on mom’s life.” I stopped at one place, not because William used this code, but because it didn’t work. I just didn’t believe him,’ says Harry.

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Forgiveness and taking responsibility

“Forgiveness is definitely something that can happen. 100% I want my father back. I want my brother back. I can’t recognize them right now, and they probably can’t recognize me either,” Harry says.

And yet he admits – “As much as I want reconciliation, someone has to take responsibility” (about the family’s relationship with Meghan Markle – b.r.).

“William and Kate went through the same because of my father and my stepmother or their office. The moment they got married, they went through the same story with the tabloids that Meghan and I did. It’s all happened to us, but this time William and Kate did it to us,” says Harry.

“I don’t want an institution. I want a family. I understand how you (the royal family – b.r.) they won’t know how to separate the two. But in my opinion, after everything I’ve seen and experienced in recent years, there must be a division,” the prince said categorically.

“For the time being, they have not shown any desire for reconciliation. And I’m not sure why that is. Silence allows the abuser to continue to abuse. I don’t know how not talking is going to change anything for the better,” Harry says.

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