Prince Harry accused his brother William of abuse

“I was thrown to the ground on the dog’s bowl which broke and the shards went into my back,” Harry said.

Prince Harry accused his brother William of an act of violence in 2019, AFP and DPA reported, citing an excerpt from Prince Harry’s book published in the Guardian. The younger son of Charles III has a cool relationship with his family. Now, according to an extract from his autobiography, he blames William for pushing him, causing Harry to fall to the ground.

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan ceased their duties with the royal family in 2020 and lived in the United States. The couple has repeatedly criticized the British royal family, in interviews as well as in the biographical Netflix documentary series.

In his book Spare, due out on January 10, Harry says he was physically attacked by his older brother William during an argument between them in London in 2019.

Prince Harry also accused his brother of calling his wife Meghan “difficult” and “unmannered”. According to the book, the older brother acted like the heir to the throne and could not understand that the younger brother was not comfortable in his role as “backup”. The title of the book “Spare” comes from a line spoken by their father to the princes’ late mother, Princess Diana. When Harry was born, Charles said his work was done because they now had both an heir to the throne and a backup.

After a heated argument, William grabbed his brother by the collar, tore it open and then threw Harry to the ground. “I fell on the dog’s bowl and it broke and the shards went into my back,” Harry says in his book. He stayed on the ground and asked his brother to leave. William did not immediately apologize.

The fall left scratches and bruises on Harry’s back.

In an interview published on Monday, Prince Harry said he would like to restore relations with his father and brother, with whom he seemed very close some time ago, BTA reported. However, relations between them seem far from warming. In the documentary series distributed by Netflix in December, Harry and Meghan accuse the royal family of lying. According to Harry, his brother William shouted at him during a family gathering in 2020 in the presence of the late Queen Elizabeth II. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have accused the Prince and Princess of Wales of being behind their negative media image because they want to be the only “stars” in the royal family. In March 2021, Meghan and Harry accused the royal family of racism and insensitivity.


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