Prince Andrew is not allowed to wear uniform to mourning ceremonies related to his mother’s death

Prince Andrew is not allowed to wear uniform to mourning ceremonies related to his mother’s death

The second son of the late Queen Elizabeth II – Britain’s Prince Andrew, will not be in military uniform at the mourning ceremonies. The reason for this is the accusations of sexual assault against him.

In the past, the 62-year-old aristocrat was often described as his mother’s favorite son. However, he has not been a high-ranking working member of the royal family for some time and is therefore not allowed to wear military uniform at the five funerals in Edinburgh, London and Windsor.

According to sources in the British news agency PA, it is still possible that the prince will wear a uniform to the procession in front of the Queen’s coffin in Parliament in London, which will take place from Wednesday night until Monday morning.

A former helicopter pilot, the prince served in the Falklands War in 1982. Andrew was expected to receive an honorary admiralty on his 60th birthday. As he retired from fulfilling his duties as a high-ranking member of the royal family, this honor was not bestowed upon him.

In June, he was absent from Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th birthday celebrations. The announced cause was a coronavirus illness. But even if he had not tested positive for Covid-19, Prince Andrew would not have been able to attend the royal balcony with the rest of the family as Her Majesty has made it clear she does not wish him to greet the festive crowds outside Buckingham Palace palace, predaba BTA. Such an honor is given only to members of the royal family who “work” for the family, as well as to their children.

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Prince Andrew’s presence at Westminster Abbey for the late Prince Philip’s memorial service in June was met with displeasure by British society.

In 2021, at Prince Philip’s funeral, the Queen decided that all male royals would wear civilian mourning clothes to avoid the embarrassment of Princes Harry and Andrew being the only ones without military uniform.