Premier League revolution: TV broadcasts will be like a video game – England

The Premier League in the second half of the season, more precisely from the beginning of next year, will introduce a revolution in world football in the way of television broadcasts of the matches of the English elite, reports “Daily Mail”.

The management of the Premier League recently signed an agreement with the company “Genius Sports”, which has completed the development of the software and will soon begin its implementation in telecasts. It is software that will allow viewers in front of the TV screens to monitor literally everything in real time during the match, the speed of the soccer player holding the ball, the speed of the shot, the cross and as in popular video games, at the bottom of the screen will be the radar on which you can see the position of both teams at any moment.

In addition, all possible other statistics will be available to viewers, which until now were “hidden” and were available only to scouting services and analysts, and now literally everything will be shown.

Premier League broadcasts will be delayed by eight seconds from real time to allow all sensor data to be added to the broadcast, and as the Daily Mail reports, all of this will bring unprecedented insight into player performance in each match.

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