Prada and Armani have returned to their pre-pandemic glory

After several quiet seasons due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Milan Fashion Week has returned to its former glory with packed venues, jam-packed streets and sidewalks overflowing with fashion fans eager to catch a glimpse of the stars and influencers, the Associated Press reported.

A lot of pandemic talk has been told about how the fashion system needs to change, that is, slow down. Few, however, were able to resist returning to their familiar world, no matter how much traffic and fuss it caused.

This week’s fashion shows will conclude with the return of another Milanese tradition: the Green Carpet Awards, which recognize achievements in the field of sustainable development.

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Among the highlights during the second day of the Fashion Week in Milan were the reviews of women’s clothing for the next spring and summer of brands such as “Prada”, “Max Mara”, “Armani”.

Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons’ latest collection explores the space between minimalism and embellishment, with clean silhouettes and sheer fabrics.

The collection features form-fitting, slightly cut poplin bodysuits in industrial colors such as gray and ivory, worn under jackets and long opera capes. A loose dress made of raw silk and beautiful lace details, resembling a nightgown, makes a special impression.

Clothes are all about simplicity, without unnecessary complicationsPrada says in the review notes.Politically, theoretically, and aesthetically, these concepts appeal to us again and again. The idea is in directness“, adds the designer.


Photo: AR/BTA

The silhouette is simple. Dresses wrap around the body as casually as a towel after a shower. Transparent coats create a feeling of lightness. Naive floral appliqués adorn bags and jackets.

Even with the feminine touches, androgyny underlines the collection, especially in the Prada staples of jumpsuits, skinny pants and jackets. Shoes are Mary Jane type or moccasins. Among the accessories of the season are Prada’s inverted triangle bag and large shopping bags in contrasting pink or lime.

More than any other collection, this one is filled with different perspectivessays Simmons.


Photo: AR/BTA

Next season’s Max Mara silhouette exudes feminine modernity with voluminous sailor pants and skirts. Volumes, also seen in square-cut jackets and oversized coats, are balanced by off-the-shoulder tank tops and crop tops.

Creative director Ian Griffiths says he drew inspiration from the intellectual women of the 1930s on the French Riviera, naming Renée Pearl, muse and lover of photographer Jacques-Henri Lartigue, and architect Eileen Gray. The collection showcases purposeful androgyny, with David Bowie in baggy 1980s trousers appearing on Griffiths’ idea board.

Max Mara’s visions invite contemplation while offering unrestricted movement for a woman engaged in intellectual pursuits.

The fashion house is betting on neutrals for next season in raw linen ranging from gray to khaki, or soothing, sun-faded shades of yellow, green and blue.

Max Mara

Photo: AR/BTA

The bags are big enough for a weekend getaway. The shoes are platform sandals and the hats have huge brims.

Armani’s collection is held in neutral and soothing shades, with a smooth movement in pleats, beading, sequins and prints. Soft jackets give easy definition to summer wear, with loose trousers often gathered at the ankle. Sheer fabrics create layers on pants, dresses, and flowing, elegant jumpsuits, writes BTA. Elegant rolled trousers paired with a sheer knit cardigan sculpt a modern silhouette.

At the end of the review, 88-year-old Giorgio Armani received a long round of applause.

Designer Giorgio Armani

Photo: AR/BTA

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