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Six efbet League matches have already been postponed so far. This is one more than last year, when the teams participating in the European club tournaments postponed a total of 5 matches.

This season, Levski postponed 3 matches, but in the end, they said goodbye to their participation in the Conference League, being relegated to Hamrun. CSKA and Ludogorets have two postponed matches. The “Reds” did not play against Botev Plovdiv, and they will not play against Lokomotiv Plovdiv next week either.

Ludogorets requested the postponement of the match against Slavia and agreed not to play against Levski. However, this did not help the people of Razgrad, who again did not achieve their big goal of playing in the Champions League. So Slavia also ended up with two postponed matches.

Here are all the postponed meetings so far:

3rd round – Slavia – Levski
Round 4 – Black Sea – Levski
Round 5 – Slavia – Ludogorets
Round 5 – Botev – CSKA
Round 6 – Ludogorets – Levski
Round 7 – Lokomotiv Pd – CSKA

The next question is when will these matches be played? The BFS calendar foresees several reserve dates, which this year are planned for such meetings. The first reserve date is the period between August 30 and September 1. Obviously, however, there will be no postponed matches there, as the match for the Super Cup between Ludogorets and Levski is scheduled for that time. The BFS has announced the schedule until September 16 and it does not mention the dates for some postponed matches.

In principle, the match between Botev and CSKA could be played in this “empty” week, which is the first in a row for the “reds”. However, CSKA is scheduled to play a match against CSKA 1948 on Monday, August 29.

The next reserve date is September 28 (Wednesday). However, this falls two days after Bulgaria’s match against North Macedonia in the League of Nations. In principle, there is an option to play matches on this date, but the teams “involved” in the postponed matches have many national teams, and in all probability this opportunity will also be “missed”.

The third backup date, until the end of the year, is the period October 18-20. There are no longer any problems to play the postponed matches, and certainly the first set of matches will be Slavia – Levski and Botev – CSKA.

The last reserve date for the postponed matches is December 11-12. These are the days after the 1/8 finals of the Bulgarian Cup tournament. If the schedule is followed, then the matches Black Sea – Levski, Slavia – Ludogorets and Lokomotiv Plovdiv – CSKA should be played.

This may mean that the derby between Ludogorets and Levski will not be played until 2023.

Of course, there is a possibility that the STK of BFS will still find other dates on which Levski’s matches can be played, since the “blues” will not have commitments during the week. The same applies to CSKA, if of course the “reds” do not enter the Conference League groups. However, Ludogorets has commitments and things will be more difficult with them.

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