“Polegnala e Todora” sounds in “The Banshees of Inisherin” with 9 nominations for “Oscar”

“Prituri se montat” and at least 5 more of our folk songs are an ideal background for world films

Colin Farrell is walking, and in the background is the song “Polegnala e Todora”, performed by “The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices”. Thus begins “The Banshees of Inisherin” – the most famous film of 2022, which yesterday received as many as 9 Oscar nominations in 8 categories. The film was directed by Martin McDonagh, and the Hollywood actor Colin Farrell is in the lead role. Its premiere in our country will be in February.

The film received all the most important nominations, among them for the best picture, for the direction, for the main male role and two for the supporting male role – for Brendan Gleeson and Barry Cogan. At the Venice Film Festival, it already won Martin McDonough’s best screenplay award, and Colin Farrell took home the award for best actor. The tape also received three Golden Globe statuettes.

However, this is by no means the only Bulgarian folk song used in a foreign film. At the end of the hit tape “300” you can hear “Come, come, clear sun”, again in the performance of “The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices”. In “Jesus of Montreal” they again sing “Prituri se montana”. “Planino, Stara planino” by the composer Stefan Dragostinov is heard in the documentary film “Meetings at the End of the World”. Voices from the London Bulgarian Choir sing in the biographical film about Elizabeth I “The Virgin Queen” and in the box office production “Troy”. And Radka Varimezova was chosen to perform Jake’s First Flight in the fictional language of the Na’vi in ​​the film “Avatar” from 2009. (24 hours)


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