Played at Juventus, now a waiter: Women, alcohol and gambling ruined his life – Stories

One of the legendary Uruguayan footballers, Fabian O’Neill, goes through the glory of football to end up as a waiter. In 1996, he signed with Cagliari, where he stayed until 2000, when he moved to Juventus. In January 2002, he signed with Perugia and eventually returned to Cagliari, who were then in Serie B.

Retirement followed and O’Neill returned to Uruguay where he devoted himself to raising cattle on a ranch. However, in January 2003 he decided to return to football and signed with Nacional Montevideo. However, he only played five times for the Uruguayan team that season before calling it quits.

Fixed matches in Italian football

“While I was a Cagliari player, we fixed the match with Chievo. The tie suited both teams as we fought for survival. We also received an award from the club management for staying in the league. I drew with the captain of Chievo as well as my teammates. Of course we then went to the bookies to place a bet. Then we conceded a goal at the end of the game,” says the Uruguayan.

He indicated that he fixed a match while playing for Perugia.

“I was the captain of Perugia. I found the score and we all bet again. Everything went as we agreed,” O’Neill said.

Lost betting money, slow horses and fast women!

“When I signed for Juventus, I went from being the idol of the team to being the worst player because I had phenoms like Zidane around me,” O’Neill revealed.

He says he’s completely broke.

“I have nothing left. I spent $14 million. Who is to blame? Slow horses and fast women I’m poor, but I’m still happy. The main thing is that me and my family have something to eat. I found new friends, the real ones, not the fake ones that were there for me when I was rich. “

O’Neill also spends money on alcohol and nightlife.

“It’s my fault. Women fell in love with the drunk version of me and then tried to change me. No one could change me. They even offered me help from a psychologist. Even my ex-wives are richer than me,” he admitted the former football player who today works as a waiter.

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