Plamen Petrov: We expect the income from the store to double (VIDEO) – Levski

Marketing director of Levski Plamen Petrov took part in the opening of the renovated club fan shop at the Georgi Asparuhov stadium. He told the media about the news and said that the “blues” expect the revenue to double.

“It was quite important to modernize the store. We’ve been wanting to expand it for three years since I’ve been manager and now marketing director. It was important for the fans as you see the queues. We wanted to expand it to make it easier for everyone. There will be more cash registers, it will be much more spacious, and there will be a lot of new merchandise. It will be visible on the site very soon,” said Petrov.

“The store is about to start loading. Currently there is the whole range of assortments. There will be an improvement in the look of the store itself. Technically, we will enter the digital world. When you shoot in the store itself, club legends will appear. You will also be able to take virtual tours. We also strive for technical improvements. Having a store in Bulgaria is not a big deal, but being good technically is something else,” he continued.

“A lot of our fans are willing to get jerseys that they couldn’t get. There will be lines. The demand is huge and there is a need.”

“The revenue from the store is expected to increase at least twofold, because the lost profits when a person does not enter the store because of the queues are huge. I think we’ll be fine with financing the store.

“The feedback is positive. No fan of ours will ask why we expanded the store. Everyone wanted these changes. There was no convenient moment. There is always interest with us. So we had driven a bus out front to kill the fans’ discontent.

“The store will now officially have an Eventim cash register. For next steps in marketing. We want to pay attention to social networks, which is a bit forgotten. We’re going to bring in TikTok. At the moment, we are not satisfied with what Levski is showing on social networks. The products we have should be seen there. There are things to work on. We have the biggest fan base behind us,” said Plamen Petrov, who is the former manager of the store.

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