Pique mocked Shakira after her attacks in the scandalous song

Gerard Pique has hit back at Shakira after being attacked by her in a merciless break-up song.

In her new hit BZRP Music Session #53, the Colombian singer slams the former footballer as he dumped her for college student Clara Chia Marti.

The most uproar was one part of the text, in which Shakira defines herself as “Ferrari” and “Rolex”, and compares Pique’s new partner to “Twingo” and “Casio”.

The Barcelona legend responded during a chat on the Twitch platform, which also featured popular streamer Ibai Janos, soccer star Sergio Aguero and renowned journalist Gerard Romero.

Pique appeared with a Casio watch on his arm and announced: “We have reached an agreement with Casio to sponsor our Kings League. Casio is a great watch that lasts a lifetime.”

Romero asked why Casio became a sponsor, and Aguero replied: “Because of Shakira’s song.”

The Kings League in question is an amateur football tournament, organized precisely by Pique and Janos, in which 12 teams of 7 players each participate. Aguero is the president of one of the teams, Kunisports.

Another of the teams is led by the legendary former goalkeeper Iker Casillas.

Pique also revealed that he will appear with “Twingo” for the next round of the tournament, again because of the song of the Colombian.


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