Pinterest is also attacking long formats for videos

The “idea pins” created by Pinterest are going to undergo a change. According to the information discovered by Lindsey Gamble, associate director of the influencer marketing platform Mavrck, the “Idea Pins” will now be able to reach a duration of five minutes. This format allows you to create videos with the possibility of adding music, voiceover and text, like TikTok videos. Lindsey Gamble shared on Twitter the screenshot of the notification sent to the Pinterest application: “New! Download now up to 5 minutes of video”.

Longer formats to build engagement

Much like Instagram and TikTok before it, Pinterest is now banking on longer formats to build engagement on its platform. With the popularity of social media videos, longer videos that tell a story or are edited in a captivating way have the ability to keep the user online longer.

With the increase in the duration of “idea pins”, Pinterest could then in turn offer advertising, and thus capitalize on this very popular format. Potential revenue that could attract new users if content monetization is considered. The user base could also grow in this case. A strategy already tested by YouTube with the Shorts.

Video seems to be a favorite format for Pinterest, which recently announced a collaboration with Condé Nast. More than 160 videos will be produced by Vogue and Architectural Digest to then be broadcast on the platform.

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