Photo inspiration – Check out the winning images from the 2022 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Since 2015, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have sought to raise awareness of wildlife conservation through humor. For this latest edition, the competition honored the British association Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN), which works to preserve the environment.

The winner is an American photographer, Jennifer Hadley, who won over the jury with her shot of a lion cub falling from its tree. She also won the category Alex Walker’s Serian Creatures of the Land Award. The photographer explains that the lion cub was in a tree with his brother, while the lionesses mused around, in other trees or on the ground. Trying to rejoin its pack, the lion cub eventually raced down the tree before crashing to the ground. Not traumatized, he got up before fleeing with the other little ones.

Big winner: Jennifer Hadley

© Jennifer Hadley – United States

Flying animal category: Jean Jacques Alcalay

© Jean-Jacques Alcalay – France

Underwater Category: Arturo Telle Thiemann

© Arturo Telle Thiemann – Spain

People’s Choice: Jennifer Hadley

© Jennifer Hadley – United States

Junior Category: Arshdeep Singh

© Arshdeep Singh – India

Portfolio: Jia Chen

Honorable mentions

© Michael Eastwell – England

© Miroslav Srb. – Czech Republic

© Federica Vinci – Italy

© Jagdeep Rajput – India

© Emmanuel Do Linh San – South Africa

© Ryan Sims – United States

© Alex Pansier – Germany

© Mark Schocken – United States

© John Chaney – United States

© Martin Grace – England

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