Philips tries baking again with the 7000 Series Food Processor

It’s a market he seemed to have given up on after an incursion in 2015 with his Avance Collection. Seven years later, however, Philips is back with the 7000 Series Food Processor (HR7962/01) and a rather astonishing promise: this second model would make “flawless dough in just 3 minutes“, thanks to a hook supposed to reproduce the gestures of manual kneading. Looking at the reference recipe, however, it is quite difficult for us to determine the nature of this dough, prepared from 300 g of flour, 160 ml of water, 5 g of yeast, but also 14 g of butter; a kind of bread dough that is not very hydrated and unsalted, but enriched in fat.

A timer and a lamp to illuminate the preparations

If the argument of the perfect dough in 3 minutes therefore leaves us quite perplexed given this recipe, we understand on the other hand the desire to communicate over a period of time. Philips draws attention to the timer built into its robot, which allows you to program its shutdown. A fairly unusual function on the market, although it is found for example on the Kenwood Titanium Pastry Chef XL, and which should avoid excessive kneading or excessively whipped egg whites.

Given the many factors likely to influence the outcome of a recipe, the safest thing to do is to keep an eye on your preparations. We would have preferred to find an integrated scale, as Lidl offers for example on its latest model. The new Philips kitchen robot, on the other hand, offers another fairly rare function, which we find very practical on the Kenwood model: a small lamp to illuminate the inside of the bowl and the preparations.

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In addition to ergonomics, Philips seems to have paid particular attention to the reliability of its HR7962/01 robot. It is, albeit only partially, clad in metal and incorporates motor overheat protection. A reassuring point since the latter may seem quite underpowered, if it is in any case a belt motor like most pastry robots on the market include: it is announced with a power of 1000 W while d others go up to 1500 W. To use this motor, a wheel lets you choose between 8 speeds and the new Philips robot is of course accompanied by a whisk and a flat beater to vary the preparations, in addition to the hook already evoked.

The Philips HR7962/01 robot

Finally, it also comes with a 5.5 liter stainless steel bowl allowing it to work up to 1 kg of flour with other ingredients, and offers a second motor outlet for accessories on the top. The user manual mentions a blender, a small grinder and a meat grinder available as options. It would not be surprising if packs were offered.

For now, however, the 7000 Series Food Processor only seems to be offered on its own. It is displayed at a price of €379.99 and can be used with the NutriU application, which already offers more than sixty recipes.

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