Philips The One: Ambilight magic in a range of designer and connected televisions

Philips’ new The One Ultra HD Led TV arrives on a market that is certainly well stocked, but with several distinctive assets, including exclusive technology Ambilight which offers an immersive & unique cinematic experience.

According to a survey by Philips, 81% of respondents owning a television Ambilight said they were ready to buy a model equipped with this technology. What is’Ambilight ? This is an exclusive device introduced in 2004 creating a dynamic luminous halo around the sides of the screen, using the color codes of the displayed image; this technology increases the immersion effect for movies and video games. An innovation acclaimed by users that has established itself in the Philips range and has continued to improve. It is found this year in the new Led televisions of the The One range, in particular Philips 55PUS8807.

A TV designed for next-gen consoles

This 55-inch (139 cm) 4K LED model, very well equipped for an affordable price, is aimed at both home cinema enthusiasts and video game fans who need a television ready for the latest generation consoles. This is the case of the 55PUS8807 which is compatible with the main HDR formats (HLG, Dolby Vision and HDR10+), natively manages a 120 Hz display via its HDMI 2.1 e-ARC sockets, supports a variable refresh rate from 48 Hz to 120 Hz. It is Freesync compatible and offers very low latency: [email protected] / [email protected] Philips has also done a lot of work on the GameBar, an interface that gives quick and complete access to image and sound settings in gaming. This model is equipped with the function Ambilight with a ”special game” option for an even more immersive experience.

The Philips The One television is available in diagonals ranging from 43 to 86 inches (109 to 218 cm).

© Philips

The benefits of technology Ambilight

The new version of the system Ambilight which covers three of the four sides of the TV offers a new level of customization. With the function aurora, you have four themed views (Atmosphere, Scenes, Gallery, Clock) that each offer dozens of options to animate the screen and make it functional or decorative when not in use. There is also the mode Lounge which allows to use Ambilight as mood lighting. You can also display the flag of your favorite team during the broadcast of a sporting event or even synchronize the light effects to the music for a small festive evening. And if your Philips The One TV is installed in a bedroom, the mode Ambisleep will help you fall asleep by turning off the screen and then gradually dimming the lights.

A couple in front of the TV in their living room. The Ambilight light system adapts to the content of the Philips The One TV which displays the Android TV interface, visual lifestyle

Philips The One TV is equipped with the latest version ofAndroid-TV.

© Philips

Whether it’s a movie, a sporting event or a video game, technology Ambilight increases the feeling of immersion and provides better visual comfort. Indeed, this indirect & synchronized luminous halo makes the images more restful for the eyes.

A sober and elegant design

The One range is characterized by its minimalist and elegant design highlighted by a delicate silver frame. In addition to the 55-inch model in question here (140 cm diagonal), this television is also available in 43, 50, 65, 75 (109 to 190 cm) and for the first time at Philips in 86 inches (218 cm). The 43 to 65 inch versions have a central leg while the larger models rest firmly on two chrome legs. The system Ambilight is of course totally invisible when facing the TV.

A user voice controls his Philips The One TV, visual lifestyle

Control The One TV and connected objects in your home using your voice.

© Philips

Under the hood, the Philips P5 image processing engine ensures vibrant, natural colors, smooth motion and crisp contrast. The TV integrates the operating system Android-TV as well as broadcast technology Chromecast. Major streaming services are available in 4K HDR quality.

The audio experience is not left out on the Philips 55PUS8807 which is compatible Dolby Atmos with a total power of 20 watts RMS. It can also integrate with multiroom audio platform Philips Home Wireless for high-definition streaming between the TV, compatible mobile devices, speakers and soundbars throughout the home.

Efficient, elegant, innovative and affordable, Philips The One 55PUS8807 will blend seamlessly into any interior to ensure top-notch entertainment.

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