Petar Velichkov called on Domuschiev, Rusev, Furnadzhiev and Ventsi Stefanov to leave the BFS Executive Committee – BG football

One of the main people in Dimitar Berbatov’s team commented on the situation in which the BFS finds itself after successive decisions of the SGS related to the congresses of the football headquarters.

The BFS issued an opinion after the decisions of the SGS

The BFS illegally canceled the March 18, 2022 Congress

“Nothing new under the sun – since when do we say that?” From now on, every Congress will be vilified. This is what Mihailov and his entourage did and will do. They will vilify every Congress and accept being blamed without a care. Supreme insolence and brazenness,” Velichkov told bTV colleagues.

He called on some of the current members of the legitimate Executive Committee to leave the organization, realizing what actions Borislav Mihailov is doing. At the moment, the Executive Committee, which worked before the Extraordinary Congress on October 12, 2021, is legitimate for decisions, since the court does not accept the decisions made at that time.

“I call on the serious colleagues in the legitimate Executive Committee – Kiril Domuschiev, Atanas Furnadzhiev, Ventsi Stefanov, Spas Rusev and the other colleagues, who certainly understand what Mikhailov and his closest circle are doing, to distance themselves from their actions and resign from the Executive Committee of BFS. I believe that they are already aware of everything,” added Velichkov.

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