Petar Hubchev leaves Beroe – Beroe

Petar Hubchev leaves Beroe – Beroe

Petar Hubchev has made the decision to leave Beroe. The news was reported by “Trud” and confirmed by dsport sources. The 58-year-old specialist leaves the coaching position in the Stara Zagorje club and will not lead the team in the visit of Slavia from the 11th round of the efbet League.

Hubchev is about to meet with Beroe’s management to clarify the details of his withdrawal.

According to dsport, Beroe’s management is meeting in an emergency meeting to discuss how to proceed and who will replace Hubchev as coach.

He informed the club’s bosses about his decision after the victory against Spartak Varna, but Hubchev has been considering this action for several weeks.

It is not yet clear whether his assistants Levon Apkaryan, Malin Orachev, Armen Ambartsumyan and Ivan Zhelev will leave with Petar Hubchev. It is possible that they will lead Beroe in the upcoming match against Slavia, and the hypothesis that they will remain at the head of the Stara Zagorje team should not be ruled out.

Beroe took an important 3 points after turning over 10 from Spartak, new with a goal and an assist

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