Petar Hubchev: I can’t support myself – Beroe

The head coach of Beroe Petar Hubchev was not very talkative after the loss of his team in September with 1:3.

“Today, especially the first half, we were lagging behind in tackles, we were late, we were slow to move the ball, wrong passes, we were slow to react. I can’t say what I attribute it to. That was a fact. We have to improve as much as possible. September was the more aggressive football team. Now we are experiencing difficulties both at home and abroad,” said Hubchev.

“With training and more work. This is the only way to improve things from a footballing point of view. A lot of things need to be cleared up. It is not possible to clear them until Friday, but many things need to be improved,” added Beroe’s coach.

“We know the reason very well, but I don’t want to say. I’m not the person. Ask me only about football, don’t ask about the other thing because it doesn’t support itself. Ask me anything you want about football,” Hubchev said.

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