People at high levels in Bulgaria helped the fraudster Ruzha, claims a journalist

“People at high levels in Bulgaria have helped Dr. Ruzha Ignatova,” claims journalist Jamie Bartlett in his podcast “The Missing Crypto Queen” on the BBC.

It tells about the dubious world of cryptocurrencies, criminal circles and the lives of the super-rich. The story of the OneCoin pyramid scheme involving millions is also mentioned.

In 2016, from the stage of Arena Wembley in front of thousands of fans, Dr. Ruzha Ignatova promised her followers a financial revolution. As of March 2017, more than 4 billion euros had been invested in OneCoin, and in October of the same year, Ruzha Ignatova disappeared, and it gradually became clear that her revolutionary cryptocurrency was not at all what it seemed at first glance. The story provoked journalist Jamie Bartlett to start a podcast, bTV reported.

“OneCoin can be cited as a very good example of how people with knowledge in investing are not aware of modern technology. And because it’s a combination of a multi-level marketing company and cryptocurrency makes it unique, and I’m not even talking about the fact that there’s also a missing woman at the heart of the story. All this was a good start for a podcast, a listening story where we will explain to people about investments and cryptocurrencies. “I never thought that from a small story it would turn into the biggest story I’ve ever worked on,” says the BBC journalist.

Ruzha Ignatova believes that OneCoin cryptocurrency will make investors very rich and change the world.

When asked if OneCoin is not the biggest financial fraud in history, Jamie Bartlett answers: “Depending on how you look at it, if we talk about it as money that is actually invested, we are talking about 4 billion euros, or a little more . That doesn’t make her the greatest overall. Bernie Madoff’s scheme, for example, is over 30 billion euros, but if we talk about the value of the capital that the OneCoin investors believed they had, we are talking about several hundred billion euros. That’s why we say it’s one of the biggest scams ever created in the world.”

The journalist and his team analyze Europol meetings that prove that the FBI-wanted Ruzha knew she would be arrested months before she disappeared. The police files contain presentations made at a Europol meeting called Operation Satellite, which took place in The Hague on March 15, 2017.

The documents show that the meeting was attended by representatives of the FBI, the US Department of Justice, the New York District Attorney, as well as officials from Great Britain, the Netherlands, Dubai and Bulgaria.

“We know that Ruza had access to the files from Operation Satellite.” I believe one of her security advisors, Frank Schneider, was responsible for accessing these files. He told us that there is evidence that officials from Bulgaria are responsible for leaking information to her. At this stage I cannot say who these persons are because we are still working on it. We have officially sought information from the Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior, we still have no answer. I really want to know the answer to this question. I believe that this is not about a specific employee or officer, I am convinced that it is about people at a higher level who were in contact with her and helped her. I’m sure a lot of people are asking the same question, but I can’t answer it for you,” Bartlett commented.

The documents obtained by Ruzha contain information from a “high-ranking confidential informant” of the US services, OneCoin bank accounts receiving funds from investors, and information about unsuccessful attempts by the British police to question her. On October 25, 2017, after being notified of the investigation into her activities surrounding the cryptocurrency OneCoin, Ignatova disappeared. She has been missing since then and it is not even known if she is alive.

“My working theory is that she is still in Europe or traveling around Europe, by land or by boat, that she is in Greece. I think so because one of the basic rules of investigation is that where you go initially is where you stay. She went to Greece when she left Bulgaria. The FBI recently put Ruza on the world’s 10 most wanted list, which is a big event. She is the only woman on the list, she is the only crypto scammer to ever make this list. This is likely to change the situation. Because even if she is protected in some way, her presence on this list makes her much more visible and dangerous to the people she might be with. And putting her on this FBI list could change everything,” says the journalist of “BBC”.

Jamie Bartlett is working on the next episodes of his podcast and promises some shocking revelations in his next episodes.


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