Pension reform: this simulator lets you know if you are concerned

Will you be affected by the pension reform, in the event that it is adopted by Parliament? The government presented Tuesday, January 10 his bill to transform the rules.

In the current version of the text, the legal age of departure will increase from 62 to 64 years old by 2030. The bill currently concerns all generations born from September 1, 1961. At the rate of one additional quarter per year , the French born in 1968 should be the first to be able to retire at 64. Only certain workers will be able to leave earlier: those who entered the labor market between the ages of 16 and 18 and employees attached to the long career scheme. Other exceptions exist for very specific cases (difficulty, exposure to asbestos, etc.). For a full pension, the general rule would be set at 43 annual contributions, thus requiring a later departure to benefit from it in the event of insufficient accumulation of contributions.

Finally, special regimes (police, EDF, SNCF, etc.) should be abolished (with some exceptions) from September 1, 2023 for new entrants (grandfather clause). At the same time, the minimum pension would be raised to €1,200 per month for all retirees, ie 85% of the minimum wage (inflation not taken into account).

A free online simulator

This reform would therefore impact a large number of French people for whom the details of the main announcements sometimes remain unclear. To present each person’s particular situation more precisely, the government has opened an online simulator. The tool incorporates all the new rules desired by the presidential majority. When the text is adopted, certain conditions could thus change under the pressure of opposition in the Assembly or the Senate.

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To know your situation, go to here : an interface will offer you a simulation.

For assets, the platform will ask you to select your professional activity from several choices. First block: Private sector employee, agricultural worker, Self employed, Liberal professional, Official, Assured of the religious regime. And second block: Special Regime Agent, Active category civil servant or Military. If you are part of the second block (see above), you will be asked for details (exact profession or category of the public service).

You will then be prompted to enter your birth year and birth month. In the next step, you will be asked to enter the number of quarters already contributed, depending on the case. Information available on your info-retirement account (accessible with FranceConnect simplified authentication).

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