Penev: “Army” management betrayed fans and team, they were not happy that I won a trophy – BG Football – efbet Liga

The coach of CSKA 1948, Lyuboslav Penev, once again spoke extremely harshly against the management of CSKA. He shared that only the leading factors in the club were not satisfied that the team developed under his leadership, winning the Bulgarian Cup. The specialist believes that it was these people who betrayed both the team and the fans.

“We have no personnel problems. We will have a final training session today. I expect us to continue to perform as we have been. This is a requirement I constantly make of them.”

“It is unlikely that we will meet Stoicho often. He is a new person in our structure. The fact that he starts with us does not mean that my opinion will change. He won’t be involved in any football while I’m at the club.”

“I think that sooner or later there will be one CSKA. How it will happen, I can’t say, but there will be such a club that is of and for the fans. I’ll go back a bit to my last stint on The Army. I was invited there to defuse the tension between fans and management and that happened, especially after winning trophies. Only the management was not satisfied, since there the goals are different – ​​not to upgrade and to be second, third, but not first. I was fired after 3 months of good work – absolute betrayal. Sector D has felt cheated for 7 years, just like me. They made a very right decision, this thing must stop once and for all. I know the guys from Sector D well who have supported me unconditionally and I appreciate that. I will always be grateful to them and that is important. There was a game of hot and cold once upon a time. The heat should be sought in a place close to the “Army” where all the traitors are.

“There should always be professional tension. The boys know it and I try to convey it in training. Everyone must be able to work under high professional pressure. You have to think about training and matches and perform at your best.

“We expect additions. There is no guarantee that they will come, but it will be nice to have new players in this transfer window. There is a lot of time. Deals are made at the last minute. Everyone is waiting and we will be patient. We have 5 games until the national team break, so I’m on my way. We talked about how a manager betrays his team and his fans, so I think I said it all.”

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