Pele like Maradona, he himself does not know how many children he has

Football king Pele is living his last days, fear in Brazil. There are already serious signs that the 82-year-old former football player of “Santos” and “New York Cosmos” is living his last hours. One of them was the gathering of all his heirs around the bed in the Albert Einstein Hospital. Videos have emerged that a kind of memorial is being built at the Santos stadium in the center of the field for the worship of the King.

Pele is just like Diego Armando Maradona. Sam admits that he doesn’t really know how many children he has.
Here’s a look at his tumultuous love life.
His first daughter was born out of wedlock by his housekeeper Anasia Machado. She died of cancer 16 years ago.

Sandra Regina Machado Arantes do Nascimento

She was born on August 24, 1964. She became incredibly popular after the fight with Pele to be recognized. The king of football flatly refuses to do this. The war was won in 1993 after a DNA test. Pele refused to recognize her even after her death in 2006.
Sandra is one of the most popular politicians in the state of Sao Paulo. Graduated from law school. She died of breast cancer. Pele did not attend the funeral, but sent a bouquet on behalf of his company, which was returned.
Sandra Machado was married to the evangelical preacher Felinto and has two children, Octavio and Gabriel, who are Pele’s grandchildren.

In February 1966, Pele married his first wife, Rosemarie dos Reis Cholbi, who also has Argentine blood, and they have three children, Kelly, Edinho and Jennifer.

Kelly Christina Nascimento

Born on January 13, 1967. Famous influencer. She is married to Dr. Arthur DeLuca. Maintains his Instagram profile more seriously after his father’s illness.

Edson Cholby to Nascimento – Edinho

The black sheep of the family. Born on August 27, 1970 and named after his father. Goalkeeper who played for Santos, Portuguesa, Santista, Sao Caetano and Ponte Preta. He resigned at the age of 29. His greatest success was the second place in the championship with “Santos”.
In 2005, he was arrested for money laundering and drug trafficking. He was only convicted in 2014, initially receiving a 33-year sentence despite claiming his innocence.

The sentence was then reduced to 12 years and 10 months. He entered prison under a strict regime in 2017. The following year, he was released, and in September 2019 he was pardoned.

His coaching career began before prison, working at Santos, Mogi Marim, Acqua Santa and Tricordeano. “Tricordeano” is from Tres Coracoes, his father’s hometown. After being released from prison, he worked for Santos, where he led the youth team. In 2021, he worked in the second division “Londrina” and is currently the head coach.

Jennifer Nascimento

The youngest daughter from his first marriage. She was born in 1978. It is not clear what she does.

Flavia Christina Kurtz Nascimento

Perhaps Pele’s second child. It is not clear when she was born or what she does. She is from his flirtation with the journalist Lenita Kurz. Unlike Sandra, she is recognized by her father and his family. She is close friends with his children and is currently at her father’s bedside.

Between 1981 to 1986 was his relationship with TV presenter Shusha, who was 17 years younger than him. However, the two are just getting engaged. They have no children.

On May 30, 1994, Pele married psychologist Assyria Lemos Seiskas, who sang in a church choir and was 20 years his junior. They split in 2008 but had twins conceived in vitro after the footballer had a vasectomy.

Celeste and Joshua Arantnesh to Nascimento

The twins were born one minute apart on September 28, 1998, 30 weeks before their mother’s due date. Celeste is the older one. She also bears the name of her grandmother, Pele’s mother, which is a great honor. Both he and his brother grew up in the US, where they studied at the University of Tampa. Joshua pretends to be a football player for a while, going through the youth teams of “Santos”. After that, he is a center forward for his university team “Tampa Spartans”, but they still don’t like him as a football player. He is currently a coach at the university.

Pele’s last wife was Marcia Sibel Aoki. The wedding was in 2016.


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