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The season in the Bundesliga is going very well for the Bulgarian international Iliya Gruev, and another testimony to this is a truly impressive achievement.

After 9 rounds, the 22-year-old Werder midfielder is number 2 in passing accuracy in Germany’s football elite. This is what the statistics of show.

Gruev took part in 8 of the matches of Bremenci. In them, 168 of the 181 passes he made reached their destination. This makes 92.8 percent of the passes of the Bulgarian boy for a total of 392 minutes on the field.

Above him in the ranking is only the defender of Borussia (Mönchengladbach) Nico Elvedi. The Swiss also has 8 matches so far. There are 522 passes in them, and the correct ones are 487, or 93.3 percent. In total, Elvedi played 704 minutes.

The top 3 is completed by defender Matthias de Ligt, bought by Bayern for 67 million euros from Juventus. Again, in 8 matches, the Dutchman’s passes are 459, and 425 have reached their target, or 92.6 percent in 539 min.

In terms of offensive statistics, the first places are reasonably occupied by defenders, who mainly pass at short distances and are very careful not to catch.

It is interesting that Gruev, who is nominally a defensive midfielder, in the last 3 matches of “Werder” appeared in an unusual role for him. Manager Ole Werner decided to use him as an attacking midfielder, albeit with one thing in mind, in the direction of securing.

“Against strong teams, it helped us that in this position, through him, we have a footballer with a sense of balance, who, as a more defensive player, does not immediately try to drop balls deep”, says Werner.

Inevitably, Gruev’s pursuit of security contributes to his achievement in passing accuracy.

However, this did not prevent him from being called a passing machine in Germany.

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