Parental controls on smartphones, tablets and computers will soon be easier to access

By decree, each telephone, tablet and computer marketed in France must be equipped with easy-to-activate parental controls. A text that will come into force by “in a few weeks or months”, according to the Minister Delegate for Digital.

Protecting your child from the dangers of the Internet can sometimes be a real ordeal. While the majority of smartphones today are equipped with parental controls, their activation is often laborious, changing names or features from one device to another. This is why a decree aimed at obliging manufacturers to establish parental controls as soon as the device is started up is in preparation. Phones, tablets or computers, all electronic devices with screens and used to browse the Web are concerned. A decree that will make it possible to apply The law project of Renaissance MP Bruno Struder, voted in March 2022.

The Minister for the Digital Transition Jean-Noël Barrot clarified to Parisian that it would be an accessible device”directly in the settings of each smartphone marketed in France”. It evokes “a simple device to control the time spent on the screen, but also the content visible or downloadable on the mobile Internet”.

The former Secretary of State for Children and Families, Adrien Taquet, recently declared to Parisian that “57% [des parents] don’t use it, almost a third don’t even know it and a quarter find it too complex”. To have all the information, the government has set up the website

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