Our ancestors spent the winter in hibernation, research suggests

New research shows that the ancestors of man spent the winter period in hibernation, the “Daily Mail” website reported, BTA reported.

It is natural for humans to sleep more in winter. Reducing sunlight is a signal for the body to produce more melatonin.

According to some experts, sleep may be the key to preventing heart damage caused by cardiac arrest or heart attack, as well as to overcoming feelings of hunger. Hibernation can also facilitate space travel.

Dr. Marina Blanco from Duke University in the US has studied hibernation in lemurs. According to her, this condition can help people survive. In an injury, for example, cooling the body could reduce blood loss.

Hibernation is a state associated with slowing down the metabolism.

According to evidence of fossils found in northern Spain, it is assumed that the first humans survived the winter period by sleeping. Bones found in a cave show growth retardation over a period of several months each year.

The results were published in “Anthropology” magazine.

Both the European Space Agency and NASA are interested in research on hibernation in humans. It has been suggested that the hibernation state could change the space race.

One of the risks astronauts face is radiation exposure. However, animals in hibernation are protected from damage.

Another problem is the astronauts’ food for long space trips.


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