Orban wants the dissolution of the European Parliament and no direct election of MPs

The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, believes that the European Parliament should be formed by deputies from the national parliaments of the EU member states, and not be directly elected. In an interview published today for “Modyar Nemzet” newspaper, the Hungarian Prime Minister said that he proposes to dissolve the European Parliament in connection with the corruption scandal in the institution and to be formed in a different way, TASS reported.

Orbán recalled that some time ago the Hungarian parliament proposed that the EU legislative body be formed by representatives of national parliaments and said that “the time has come to renew this proposal”. He previously stated that such a change would help restore confidence in MEPs and strengthen their accountability.

He was asked about the corruption scandal in which the former vice-president of the European Parliament, Eva Kaili, is involved.

“Bureaucrats in Brussels think they are above the law and can do as they please. If you are an EU representative included in the secret list of supporters of (American financier of Hungarian origin, note TASS) George Soros, you you receive money and all possible support for attacks on countries that interfere with Soros’ business interests, including Hungary.”

According to Orbán, “reports based on lies” and sometimes “suitcases full of cash” are used for this purpose. “This (corruption, note TASS) swamp must be drained,” he believes.

Regarding the claims of the European Commission to Hungary and the freezing of funds from European funds for this country, Orbán stated that the problem lies in the vision of Hungarians for their future, which is different from that of people in most countries of Western Europe. “We don’t want to be a country of immigrants, we don’t want to let gender activists into schools, we don’t want to dismantle the normal order in families, we don’t want war or sanctions and we want to preserve our relations with the non-Western half of the world,” said the Hungarian prime minister.


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