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Even today, the Transformers franchise has many fans, and merchandise counts in the hundreds, if not thousands. And of course, figurines representing Autobots (the good guys) or Decepticons (the bad guys) are the main part. There is something for all prices, but the model presented recently by Robosen – and already available in the United States for a few months – may cause the wheels to creak. Indeed, it will be necessary to offload 999 € to afford this beautiful baby of almost 50 cm high when it is in its robot form. Of course, as a good Transformer, Optimus Prime can also take the form of a truck. And the operation is fully automatic, which is one of the points that justifies its price.


Beautiful as a truck…

© Robosen

Indeed, thanks to the 27 servomotors with which it is equipped, the robot is able to switch from one form to another without any other action from the user than a touch on his smartphone (because yes, Optimus is connected via Bluetooth ) or a voice command. Note also that it is not less than 40 different instructions that is able to recognize our transformist tin can, but not polyglot, since only English seems to be understood. Apart from the transformation, the servomotors allow Optimus Prime to move on foot, to move its limbs… In truck mode, you can drive it, still using your smartphone, as you would with a radio-controlled vehicle.

Optimus Prime App

It’s not all that clear…

© Robosen

The application offers to set up various choreographies thanks to a mysterious block mode or 3D software, also poorly defined, in order to impress the gallery and even create your own movements, all combined with more than 80 sound effects including lines of dialogue; the manufacturer specifies that it is possible to enrich its library by downloading new samples.


The same, with its trailer…

© Robosen

If Robosen’s Optimus Prime convinced you, you could consider acquiring the trailer as well equipped as the robot in servomotors, joints and other sound effects, but almost as expensive (729 €). Finally, the absolute and wealthy fans will not hesitate in front of the Optimus Prime bundle and its trailer launched at 1599 €. Because when you love…

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