Opera web browser plans to integrate ChatGPT

Opera wants to enter the AI ​​dance. The web browser, which seems to be riding the wave of generative artificial intelligence, could soon integrate ChatGPT into its products, say our colleagues from CNBC.

An announcement effect

The announcement seems to be more part of the general overbidding around generative AI than to constitute a project developed in a sustainable way. It was the Kunlun Tech group, parent company of the Norwegian multinational Opera Limited, which announced on Wednesday February 8 its intention to add ChatGPT to the services developed by the company. Does Opera plan to implement the OpenAI chatbot on its desktop browser or within its mobile applications (iOS and Android)? How soon ? No further details were released by the band.

The announcement could be an attempt to gain new users by taking advantage of the current success of artificial intelligence. For now, according to data from Statcounter, Opera is only the sixth most used browser worldwide with 2.4% market share in January. For its part, Chrome dominates with 65.43% of the shares, followed by Safari (18.69%), Edge (4.46%), and finally Firefox (3%). In the third quarter, Opera had 321 million monthly active users.

As is the case with many companies evoking projects directly or indirectly linked to artificial intelligence, Opera’s share price has risen sharply since the announcement. The title Opera Ltd (listed on the Nasdaq) has taken more than 20% since the beginning of the year.

An announcement in the wake of the new Edge?

For its part, Microsoft announced the upcoming arrival of ChatGPT in Bing to improve online search, and new AI-based features in Edge. Its web browser, a competitor to Opera, will undergo a profound change and will have new features based on AI.

The conversational agent developed by OpenAI will be integrated directly into the software and will be able to understand the web pages on which the Internet user goes “[s’adaptant] Consequently”. Intended primarily for professional use, the browser can generate text or summarize a PDF of ten pages in a click. For developers, AI will be able to translate a programming language. Example: transforming a C++ source code into Java language. Opera could, in turn, be inspired by the many features announced by Microsoft.

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