Opel relaunches its muscular label GSe under the claw of the electric

Grand Sport Einspritzung (GSE), or “Grand Sport Injection” in French. In the past, these three letters, owned by Opel, symbolized the sportiness of some of its models such as the Comodore or the Monza.

Recently, this coat of arms was affixed to the Opel Manta ElektroMOD, a concept car based on the late Manta, a 1970s coupe revised and improved with modern equipment and equipped with an electric motor. Success guaranteed.

Building on this historical heritage, the blitz brand is relaunching the GSe label, whose new meaning will now be “Grand Sport electric”. This name will be intended for the electric sports models of the German manufacturer, which, it should be remembered, is part of the Stellantis group. Future GSe models will be the top of the range, and Opel promises a sporty design while the chassis will be specially adapted.

The return of the GSe coat of arms probably means the end of the GSi and surely the death of OPC, Opel’s sports subsidiary. Let’s hope that the historical preparer Irmscher, specialized in the transformation of vehicles of the General Motors group of which Opel was a part, will nevertheless continue to be interested in the German brand.

Recall that in 2020, Opel unveiled a Corsa-e intended to race in the ADAC Opel e-Rallye Cup, the first 100% electric World Rally Championship.

Opel has committed to offering electrified versions of each of its models by 2024 and will cease sales of internal combustion vehicles from 2028. Today, Opel’s electric range consists of the Corsa-e, the Mokka- e and Combo-e Life and Vivaro-e Combi vans. To these will be added the Astra-e and the Astra Sports Tourer-e.

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