OnePlus will unveil its first touchscreen tablet on February 7


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OnePlus' first tablet will have a design of its own.

OnePlus’ first tablet will have a design of its own.

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We thought it was definitely buried, but it seems that it is still in the boxes of OnePlus. “Elle” is the famous Pad, the first tablet from the Chinese manufacturer. The whole tech landscape was talking about it last year before the announcement of the OnePlus 10. White cabbage…

An intriguing model

The first mentions of the OnePlus tablet date back to 2021 and it was then thought to see it arriving in early 2022 to accompany the latest flagship of the company. Disappeared from radar, the device resurfaced at the end of January 2023 with rumors about an upcoming presentation. The tablet could be announced on February 7, along with the OnePlus 11 and other devices that will be added to the Chinese manufacturer’s catalog.

If the rumor were true, the first tablet from OnePlus could have a taste of deja vu. It would be quite possible that it is an Oppo Pad (or Pad Air) slightly reworked, and especially renamed. A practice that is far from unprecedented and that we can already identify with Chinese companies that sometimes reuse the chassis of smartphones under various brands or models. The Pad Air having been a good entry/mid-range tablet, there is a good chance that this is also the case with this OnePlus. Let’s just hope that it will be born with a slightly more up-to-date technical sheet, just to last longer.

The design of OnePlus' first tablet might be familiar.

The design of OnePlus’ first tablet might be familiar.

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But let’s avoid plans on the comet. Remember that the OnePlus conference on February 7 will take place in India and that the country will see the release of many more product references than marketed here. The televisions or smartphones of the R range are thus exclusives currently reserved for the Indian market, and it is not yet planned to see them in France. This could also be the case with this first tablet, although we hope we are wrong.

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