One-month subscriptions to PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra and Premium at discounted prices

Voila, you’ve finally got your hands on a long-coveted PS5. And so far, you haven’t yet found it useful to subscribe to one of the Essential, Extra or Premium online services. Well, it might be a good time to try the adventure since Sony offers some of the most attractive offers.

The PS Plus Essential gives access to online play and each month subscribers can download a selection of PS4 and PS5 titles (three or four, depending on the month) which they can play freely as long as their subscription is active. A cloud backup service is also included. It costs, for a month from 8.99 € to 5 € depending on the duration chosen. It is currently offered at 1 €.

The PS Plus Extra adds to these advantages access to a more complete catalog of games, the list of which you will find by clicking here. Each month, the subscription costs from €13.99 to €8.33 depending on the duration. During the operation, the month costs €3.

Finally, the PS Plus Premium is the most exclusive offer, with an even richer game offer, and access to demos of highly anticipated titles. Plus, with streaming, you’ll be able to play select PS3 and PS2 titles on your PS4, PS5, and even PC. For one month, the price of this formula ranges from €16.99 to €10 per month, again depending on the duration chosen. The promotion lowers this cost to €5.

The little “hiccup”…

Yes, there must be one. Here, it is tacit renewal. At the end of the trial month, if you have not terminated the offer, your subscription will be renewed at the normal price, per month, which can quickly increase the bill! If you give in to temptation, don’t forget to end the subscription.

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