‘Once I see my child I’m not crazy’: Where is the daughter Eminem sang about in 20 songs now

Remember how captivatingly angry Eminem was 20 years ago? Anger was his inspiration, so all-consuming that it made him one of the greatest phenomena in music.

Marshall Mathers was angry at the poor life in Detroit, at his family problems with his high school sweetheart Kim, at having to fight for their daughter. He furiously rapped the things that millions would have liked to scream, and won them over.

A central place was reserved for his daughter Hailey Jade, born in 1995.

Eminem and the child’s mother, Kim, have been together since high school. Kim and her twin, Dawn, move in with Marshall and his mother when they are 15, and their relationship is a series of separations and reunions. They married in 1999 and divorced two years later, and at times Kim did not allow Eminem to see Hailey.

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The result is that the rapper dedicates a song to his daughter – Hailie’s Song, but besides her, the girl is mentioned in 20 more of his tracks.

“My insecurities can eat me alive, but when I see my child I’m not crazy anymore. It all makes sense when I look into her eyes,” Eminem sang in 2002.

“She was the wake-up call for me. She made me sit on my ass, do something with my life, and try 10 quadrillion times harder than before,” the rapper said of his daughter in 2001. The money she’s yet to earn, are for her college, he told Q at the time.

Marshall Mathers devoted so much rage to Haley that probably a lot of people don’t realize that he is the father of a total of three girls – Haley has two sisters, Alaina and Stevie.

Fighting back and protecting his daughter is such a part of Eminem’s tracks and energy that one can’t help but wonder what happened to the most famous of them all, Haley Jade.

“Being a father is leading a double life. As soon as I close the door at home, I’m a father. I take the children to school, I teach them rules. I’m not perfect, but the most important thing for me is to be there for them and raise you right “, the musician told Rolling Stone back in 2004.

As for Heidi, there’s no arguing that he’s made it, even if her occupation these days isn’t what one would expect from Eminem’s daughter. Hailey has already graduated from Michigan State College with an honors degree in psychology and is currently an influencer.

Haley, who goes by her mother’s last name, Scott, has 2.9 million followers on Instagram and is interested in fashion and make-up. She also shows the places she travels and how she maintains her appearance. The videos are full of tips on how to apply makeup and which style works for which situations.

The influencer also has her own podcast – Just a Little Shady, in which she also mentions her father. In it, she shared some memories from her childhood, including an occasion when her father ordered a limousine for his daughters to take to Disneyland in Florida, where they had a princess tea party, with matching outfits provided.

However, Eminem actually managed to leave his star status behind after closing the door on their home. He and his daughters remain in Detroit, in a house in the suburbs.

“I wanted them to have the stability that I didn’t have,” Eminem told Rolling Stone.

“We were in a normal public school, we never thought anything was different. We did such normal things that I didn’t realize it was crazy to go to the studio with your father. But now as an adult I realize that it’s actually surreal,” the daughter shares on her podcast.

Aside from going to public school, Hailey didn’t have an Instagram until 2016, when she was 20. And even though he constantly sings about her, Eminem doesn’t show her pictures — there aren’t any on his Instagram.

In 2017, Marshall Mathers even officially regretted making little Haley the center of his pieces.

“I used to say your name but I always tried to hide your face,” he raps on his Revival album. “I wanted to declare my love but damn I never thought it would be like this. If I was I wouldn’t have done it, you weren’t asked for this shit,” reads one of his texts.

Marshall Mathers probably regrets it because a few years ago he had to get into a feud again over Haley.

A photo of her was commented on by Machine Gun Kelly, a rapper at the time. “Got to say she’s hot, in the most respectful way possible because Em is king,” MGK tweeted. Although years late, the king responded in the track Not Alike with an insult, a response followed and a classic feud for the genre took shape.

Hailey is Eminem’s only biological child, but as mentioned, he has two sisters. Alayna is 2 years older and is the daughter of her aunt – Kim’s sister. She was adopted by Marshall in 2000 because of her mother’s drug problems.

"I was taking Vicodin, Valium and Zolpidem mixed with alcohol"the rapper recalls

She is also featured in Eminem’s songs where he calls her Lainey. Alaina shares Haley’s passion for social media, but her specialty is travel.

Eminem’s third daughter, Whitney, is Kim’s child. The rapper and his ex-wife have two marriages. After their first divorce in 2001, they remarried in 2006, with this marriage lasting only 3 months. After the first divorce, Kim dated a man named Eric Harter, who is also Whitney’s father. In the second reunion with Eminem, the performer adopted the child.

In 2021, Whitney came out as non-binary, changed her name to Stevie, and now uses the pronoun “they”.

“When I think about what I’ve accomplished, I’m probably most proud of being able to raise kids. It’s important to keep your kids grounded when they’re in the situation we were in,” Eminem said 2 years ago in Mike Tyson’s podcast Hotboxin’.

As long as his children feel good about what they are doing and being – then he has succeeded.


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