On the first day of the 48th Parliament, Lena Borislavova melted in a pool in New Zealand?

Former chief of staff Lena Borislavova posted a photo of herself from a swimming pool in New Zealand on the first day of the 48th National Assembly. On it, she is dreamy, as if she wants to run away from the political events in our country.

I wonder if instead of watching her former Moving Forward colleagues’ first day in the new parliament, she’s relaxing in a pool in New Zealand? Lena showed a shot of her vacation on her Instagram account just today. In it, she poses casually, relaxing in the pool, against the background of exotic vegetation.

Borislavova announced her decision not to enter the PP lists in August. Then she explained that shortly after the overthrow of the “Petkov” cabinet, she decided not to appear in the party’s election lists.

“They didn’t detect thefts, they didn’t detect dirty deals, they didn’t detect crimes, that’s why they attacked personally. Being involved in politics in Bulgaria has its price. I have no right to transfer it to the team and the work of “Continuing the change”. Finally, we have a chance to break once and for all with the old, worn-out model of government, in which some chief rules over our people, our businesses, our dreams and our lives. Nothing, least of all my name, should distract us from that goal,” so the former head of Kiril Petkov’s office described the reasons at the time.

Meanwhile, the disunity in Parliament today shone through from day one. Deputies could not reach a consensus and elect a president, even on their second attempt.

Vezhdi Rashidov was on the verge of announcing the new chairman, but after a short hesitation and consultation from the seat with the deputies who cheered him on from the front row, he announced that he had no choice.

The runoff was reached after none of the four candidates received the necessary 121 votes in the first round.


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