Ohran Murad’s ex paid…

Orhan Murad’s ex spoke about the end of a relationship and about the singer’s baby, which is on the way with his new partner

“I have forgiven Orhan for everything. I even wrote him a message wishing for an easy birth of his new child. When you forgive, it is very easy on the soul. There is pain from injustice and wrong actions, but for the sake of the children, one must behave well and try to have a normal conversation.” Shenay Kuzeva, the ex-wife of folk singer Orhan Murad, shared this with “Bulgaria Today”. She has an official divorce from the legend of Balkan music and has taken back her maiden name of Kuzeva.

As she awaits the arrival of her second grandchild, a boy from Suzanita, Shenay rewinds to events from the time of her marriage to the “Thousand Suns” and “New Boyfriend” singer.

“On the 4th day after I was discharged from the hospital, when I gave birth to Suzy, Orhan took me to help shoot a video. He didn’t want anyone else to help with the videos, only me. I organize everything needed for the video – I buy clothes and ironing, specifying photo locations and participants, driving him around, watching him take pictures and supervising. I expressed my breast milk in another room during the video, I had given birth to Susie a few days ago. I made a lot of sacrifices for his selfishness as long as he is fine “, says Shenny.

I have deprived my children of attention because of Orhan.

I was close to him, the whole of Bulgaria is a witness. And it is very unpleasant when parting to forget all this from people. No matter how many good things you do when you get a divorce, everyone blamed me, not knowing the real reason and that Orhan asked for the divorce. Made me out as his ex-wife who robbed him. And we didn’t see a single penny from him,” says Murad’s ex-partner.

Shenay also reveals a case in which doctors burned huge calluses on her feet with a laser, and only an hour later she again drove Orhan with bleeding heels to a restaurant in Pavel Banya, where the singer had a part.

I left my life in Dubai to be there for him when he was robbed by his ex and penniless.

I have suffered many such inconveniences and have never given it up. I did it with pleasure. But it hurts when it’s not acknowledged. Orhan knows and didn’t even say sorry. This word simply does not exist with him. It’s very difficult to live with such a person who doesn’t even know the word thank you,” Suzanita’s mother adds.

“I really wanted to have a son together with my two daughters. I was even ready to adopt a boy. I proposed to Orhan, but he did not agree. Now fate is thanking me with two grandchildren – Alexandra has a boy, and Suzy is waiting for hers any moment “, adds Shenny.

After beating cancer for the second time and undergoing beauty procedures in a prestigious Turkish clinic, Shenay is anxiously awaiting her second grandson. Susanita is expected to give birth to a boy within days.


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