Official: Flick remains in charge of Germany for Euro 2024 – Football world – World Cup

The coach of Germany, Hans-Dieter Flick, officially remains at the head of the Bundesliga and will not leave his post, the German Football Association announced.

The news comes amid speculation in recent days that the former Bayern Munich boss will be sacked over the World Cup debacle in Qatar. In the Asian country, Germany was already eliminated in the group stage due to its worse goal difference compared to Spain.


In this way, Flick continues his work at the head of the four-time world champions, and the next goal in front of him has been determined, namely – Euro 2024, which is hosted by Germany.

Earlier on Wednesday, German Football Association President Bernd Neuendorf, Vice President Hans-Joachim Watzke and Hanzi Flick had a friendly and constructive conversation about the current situation and prospects for the German national team.

“My coaching staff and I are optimistic about the European Championship in our country. We want all of Germany to rally behind the national team at the European Championship in 2024. We can do more than we showed in Qatar. We learn from this. I have confidence in working together with Bernd Neuendorf and Aki Watzke,” said Flick.

“We are all convinced that the European Championship in 2024 in our country represents a great opportunity for football in Germany. Our goal is to make this tournament a sporting success. We have full confidence in Hanzi Flick that he will tackle this challenge together with his team”, announced Neuendorf.

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