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Max Verstappen’s first world title will remain in his hands after the FIA ​​decided not to deduct points from the Dutchman as punishment for breaching Red Bull’s budget cap in the 2021 season. The Bulls were fined $7 million for breaching the cap of the Formula 1 budget. Furthermore, the team received a restriction on aerodynamic testing for the next 12 months, potentially limiting their performance in 2023. The sanctions were imposed by the FIA, with Red Bull agreeing to an Accepted Breach Agreement (ABA) and recognition of guilt, meaning they will not be able to challenge the findings.

As expected, Red Bull was found to be £1.8m over the £114m limit, going over the budget cap by 1.6 per cent. This is officially considered a ‘minor offence’ and means the world title will not be taken from Max Verstappen and handed to Lewis Hamilton. The team from Milton Keynes escaped additional, more severe sanctions because they complied with all the requests and inquiries made by the FIA ​​auditors.

The FIA’s official statement read: “Red Bull must pay a financial penalty of $7 million within 30 days of the ABA implementation date. Red Bull receives a sporting penalty in the form of a restriction on their ability to conduct aerodynamic tests for a period of 12 months from the date of implementation of the ABA”


An FIA official in charge of reports for the 2021 season found the bios had committed a “minor offence” Red Bull team boss Christian Horner called a press conference in Mexico on Friday evening to address the findings.

Red Bull were hesitant to fight the charges, but would have risked a more severe punishment – and put Verstappen’s disputed 2021 title in jeopardy – if they had. They claim the extra costs are related to factors other than the car upgrade, such as sick pay, catering costs and gardening leave, and that they are affected by a tax credit they misreported.

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