Not sleeping two nights in a row, experiencing the birth of your first son and playing one of the best matches of your life

He admitted to himself that he didn’t sleep at all for two days before playing a big game for Newcastle in Sunday’s win over Tottenham.

Bruno Guimaraes sent an unforgettable week in his life, during which he became a father for the first time, and then he himself decided not to take a break, but to throw himself into the battle at the “Tottenham Hotspur Stadium”.

The Brazilian dominated midfield until his 89th-minute substitution, and his side won 2-1 thanks to goals from Callum Wilson and Miguel Almiron.

Predictably, Guimaraes dedicated the win to his newborn son Mateo and beamed in the post-match interview.

“Really great days for me, becoming a father for the first time is amazing. I haven’t slept in two days,” he admitted.

“I like being with the boys, I could have stayed at home but it was my decision to play. I wanted to be here, the people around me make me happy and proud and I think we deserved the win”.

“It was not easy, but it is one of the best days of my life, everything in my life is becoming a dream come true. I have no words because it is incredible what is happening to me”.

The midfielder is one of the symbols of change at Newcastle, the team which is becoming a major factor in the Premier League after the large-scale selection in the last two transfer windows.

The vast resources of the owners from Saudi Arabia speak for themselves and the money buys the class that Newcastle has not had until recently. The team is already in the “Champions League” zone and occupies the fourth place with 21 points.

The Brazilian midfielder, who arrived in January from Lyon for about 40 million pounds, made a big contribution to the progress.

As he demonstrated against Tottenham, he is a versatile midfielder capable of pulling the strings in the central area, playing, creating chances and at the same time putting a lot of energy into the defensive plan.

His stats from earlier this month show impressive figures in tackles won, clearances and chances created on average per game compared to other central midfielders.

It has emerged that Newcastle manager Eddie Howe was unaware of how sleep-deprived his player was ahead of the clash with Spurs.

“He kept that from me. I knew about one sleepless night, not two!” Howe smiled. “But anyway, I wouldn’t change my decision to bet on him because he is key to our game.”

“He gives his heart and soul for this club, and this was one of his best games,” added the coach.

Bruno Guimarães quickly established himself as a crowd favourite, and recently gave an extensive interview to Sky Sports, endearing himself even more to the fans.

“I was born to play in the Premier League, I love the atmosphere and the intensity of the matches. Of course, this is the most difficult championship, there are no easy matches. But when you perform well here, it makes you think that you can be good in all other tournaments,” commented Bruno.

“That, as well as the pressure after I arrived, helped me develop and become the player I am today.”

“I love playing here, I love this relationship with the fans, I want to become a legend here,” added the player about his club.

At St James’s Park, there are already two parallel discussions about Bruno Guimaraes.

One is whether he is not the best midfielder in the entire history of the club. And the other is whether he won’t be sold after this season because of the inevitable interest from Europe’s top clubs.

If this was still previous owner Mike Ashley’s Newcastle, there is little doubt that the Magpies would not have been able to keep him.

Yoan Cabaye was another talented playmaker from the past, and not as promising as Bruno, who stuck around for two seasons before asking for a transfer.

Any player with more serious ambitions felt more or less a prisoner under Ashley’s regime. If Guimarães continues to play like this, he will be on the radar of even giants like Real Madrid and Barcelona – but Newcastle already have the resources and ambition to keep him.

At St. James’s Park, they can boast of the richest club owners and a project that promises dizzying development in the coming years. Guimarães will turn 25 next month and may decide he wants to challenge for trophies sooner rather than later.

But if he really prefers to become a Newcastle legend, the prerequisites are definitely there.

And the club does not need to sell its best players, quite the opposite. The goal is to add more quality to the main pieces in the lineup and build on each season.

The Brazilian has repeatedly assured that his goals are entirely linked to Newcastle. He gives the impression that he would not leave regardless of the offer.

Even when he arrived from Lyon, Guimarães said he wanted to be remembered as the man who started the journey for Newcastle and led the team to the Champions League.

Nine months later, the request is increasingly filled with content, and the “magpies” can achieve the goal even earlier than expected.

Let’s not forget that in January, the midfielder joined a bottom-of-the-table team aiming to avoid relegation. But apparently even then he believed in the strategy presented by the club.

In his presentation, Guimarães did not bother to compare himself to Xavi and Andres Iniesta, and the reporters present in the hall exchanged disbelieving glances.

Today, however, they are seriously debating whether Newcastle have ever had a classier midfielder.

Of course, the long-term contribution of the likes of Rob Lee and Gary Speed ​​will remain unsurpassed, but purely in terms of footballing class, Bruno is at a higher level.

Even Paul Gascoigne was only 21 when he moved to Tottenham, and whatever prodigious talent he is, he shows his best elsewhere, not at Newcastle.

While Bruno Guimarães is at his peak and delighting fans with the best he has to offer.

It remains to be seen what his real achievements will be at St James’s Park.

But he’s getting better at where he is right now, and he certainly won’t forget the past week.

And his club is progressing at a furious pace and Guimaraes is yet to be talked about even more.


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