NordVPN cuts its prices for the start of the school year and offers 4 more months of subscription!

With the current decline in purchasing power, all discounts are good to take. On the occasion of the start of the school year, the VPN leader is compressing its prices to the maximum. What to take the plunge without breaking the bank.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) protects all your travels on the web, whether it’s visiting sites or making purchases. In concrete terms, the system passes your connection through a server which domiciles your computer or smartphone in the country of your choice and which adds a layer of encryption to exchanges on the Internet.

On the occasion of the start of the school year, NordVPN offers a nice promo by lowering its two main two-year subscription offers by 63% and the full version by 69%. The “simple” formula, VPN only, at €80.73 thus comes to €2.88 per month. The formula including the VPN and its password manager (NordPass) is displayed at €102.33 or €3.65 per month. Finally, the VPN version with NordPass services and encrypted cloud storage (NordLocker) is €134.73, or €4.81 monthly. In addition, the first 4 months are free!

Quality service

After more than 10 years of existence, Nord VPN remains a reference service. It is regularly placed at the top of the comparisons published by Digital, TechRadar Where, Again, TEDx, and has over 14 million users worldwide. Sure of the quality of its service, NordVPN allows you to cancel your subscription during the first 30 days of use, on simple request and without any justification. Its software is available in version Windows, macOS, android and iOS. It installs easily, does not require any configuration and is even comes with a security solution to defend you from online threats such as malware and ad trackers, activatable in one click!

In the event of a problem, customer service, in French, can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a subscription, you can connect to the service up to 6 devices simultaneously. To avoid impacting throughput, the VPN relies on a substantial network of 5,539 ultra-fast servers (in-house protocol NordLynx) in 59 countries. The assurance of having a technically irreproachable service, while offering an irreproachable ease of use, whatever the device used.

Smartphone, computer, TV… NordVPN works on most devices on the market.

© NordVPN

New function, accessible since this summer: the Mesh network. Instead of connecting to a NordVPN server, you can create your own VPN from the app, with encrypted connections between your devices or those of your loved ones who are also subscribers to the service. Encryption and ease of use are the same as when using company servers. Convenient for remotely accessing files stored at home on a fixed computer, for setting up a secure small business network or, even, for playing on a local network with loved ones without having to leave home.

NordVPN Bonuses

Having your Internet connection domiciled in a foreign country grants certain advantages. To savor the Formula 1 where the MotoGPsimply connect to a Belgian server and go to the site of the RTBF (comments in French). Obviously, all geo-restrictions disappear and so does the media timeline : enough to take advantage of new programs on SVOD platforms such as netflix Where Disney+. It also allows access to services such as HBO Max

NordPass: the tool to protect your passwords

But that’s not all ! By opting for the two other formulas integrating NordPass, you also benefit from an ultra-secure password manager. NordPass generates strong and unique passwords for each of your connections and stores them. Using your master password (the only one you will need to remember), you can deploy this manager to all your connected devices.

Passwords are encrypted using the XChaCha20 encryption algorithm compatible with AES-256, and considered by security specialists to be a robust and long-lasting solution. The audits carried out by experts from Cure53 did not reveal any vulnerabilities allowing them to break into the NordPass servers. Password hassles are a thing of the past.

A person connects to NordVPN with their iPad

Connect to any place on the planet, simply and securely!

© NordVPN

NordLocker: keep your data safe in the cloud!

The third and last formula offered by NordVPN (the one at -69%) includes the VPN, the NordPass password manager and adds a cloud storage service called NordLocker. He understands 1 TB of online space where your valuable personal and business files will be encrypted. Sending to your space is done by simple drag and drop.

Of course, you organize your online storage space as you see fit and it is even possible to place certain folders in a password-secured space. NordLocker works cross-platform on Windows, macOS, android and iOS. Given the prices charged by NordVPNtaking advantage of these offers clearly makes sense!

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