Noordung presents an electric bike capable of measuring air quality


The bicycle may take up more and more space in the cities, but the air there is no less frequently polluted. Noordung’s e-bike promises to measure air quality and provide the least harmful routes for the rider.

Despite an intensification of bicycle use in urban and peri-urban areas, the air can be loaded with fine particles, which are particularly harmful to cyclists’ lungs. The company Noordung, based in Slovenia, has developed an electric bicycle capable of measuring the quality of the air around it. Through an app, Noordung also promises to choose the least polluted route possible to get to your destination.

To achieve its objective, the Noordung VAE can count on a Boombox which incorporates a particle counter capable of detecting the famous PM2.5 and PM10, i.e. particles with a diameter of 2.5 and 10 μm. This box, which resembles the tank of a vintage motorcycle, also incorporates a Bluetooth speaker. Breathing the least polluted air possible is good; doing it to music is better.

The Boombox also incorporates the 300 Wh battery responsible for powering the bike’s electric assistance. Thanks to the latter, Noordung promises to travel up to 60 km, which is relatively low in absolute terms. The motor of the Slovenian eBike is housed in the hub of the rear wheel. The manufacturer only communicates the name of its designer (Ansmann), but not the model. Ansmann offers two rear hub motors, one delivering 35Nm of torque and the other climbing to 60Nm.

Beyond its technological particularities, the Noordung electric bike offers a worked cycle part. The carbon frame sports interesting lines for a look that is sure to stand out. The bike sits on 27.5-inch carbon rims and Pirelli Angel GT Urban tires. The fork might look like that of a motorcycle, but offers no suspension. Too bad Noordung didn’t also design it in carbon for better vibration absorption.

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On the transmission side, the Slovenian manufacturer opts for Microshift equipment and its AdventX range with a chain driving a 10-speed cassette. Braking is provided by Magura CT4 hydraulic disc brakes, fitted with 180 and 160 mm discs. Saddle and handles are entrusted to the specialist Brooks.

Among the interesting accessories for the urban cyclist, note the presence of a kickstand and a smartphone holder. No mudguards or luggage racks to get your teeth into, however. No doubt these elements would break the worked line of the machine too much, and so much the worse for your clothes in the event of wet pavement.

With such a level of finishes and equipment, you can imagine that the Noordung VAE is not cheap. Its price is announced at 6990 €, which is not crazy considering the presence of carbon in the frame and the rims. As often with these bikes designed by brands that have no real expertise in the cycle, the quality of the bike as such remains in doubt.

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