No queen, no nothing!

No queen, no nothing!

Oppressed for centuries by the British monarchy, the true Bulgarian patriot refuses to bow to it

The mockery of the mass Bulgarian genius because of his high expertise in virology, foreign and domestic policy, diplomacy, the judicial system, art and energy is somewhat justified. It cannot be denied, however, that no one is deeper into the seething cauldron of the British monarchy than he.

The whole globe mourns Elizabeth II, Brazil announces 3 days of mourning, the German president calls her “a woman who shaped this century, witness and author of modern history”, according to the vice president of the UAE she was “an example throughout the world of the qualities of her country and people”. Over 5 million people are tracking the flight of her remains from Edinburgh to London on radar, hotels in the English capital are packed, people are flocking from all over for the funeral, Simeon II, who is Her Majesty’s cousin, will also be there.

Poor people! If they had read the most shared in

the Bulgarian network comment,

they would save themselves tears and unexpected expenses: “She was neither wise, nor honorable, nor did she leave a good legacy.”

Devastating, respectfully objective, full of compelling arguments, presented intelligently and with analytical scope, this dissection of the late queen literally erases her from the world’s historical memory. Take the following excerpt, which would cause Brazil to immediately go into mourning and cut Lilibeth’s pictures from the encyclopedia: “In her time, Churchill carried out the deliberate famine in India (1943-1945), in which 4-7 million people died, and she what said about it? Nothing?”

The quoted period slightly overlaps with her reign, which began in 1952, but

the alert Bulgarian does not get lost in insignificant details, he captures the spirit of the age, the maxim is taken out of context

It is a pity and a shame that the West has not even a vague idea of ​​the cruel and cynical test to which the innate Bulgarian sense of justice has been subjected. As leading minds among Desperate Housewives, Paradise Gas Salesmen, Fitness Instructors and Sole Traders have wisely noted, what the hell do we deserve to be treated like reptiles?

Even the revival leader Kostadin Kostadinov grumbles with furrowed brows against the spread of foreign pilgrimage in our country, mercilessly condemning the abundant coverage of the royal death in the news on national and local television. By only 88 days, the credibility of his historical account that Thailand’s King Rama IX reigned longer than Elizabeth II is lost, but it is expressed convincingly enough,

to debunk the fraudulent longevity of the British crown

An irreconcilable, sharper-than-a-dagger anger unites the oppressed and tears apart Facebook, illuminating unknown facts from the recent past: “Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor is the second person after George Soros to be denied a date by Jean Videnov. There is no politician or personality in the world who refused to meet with Elizabeth II”. To the non-standard historical perspective, an explanation is added that in 1995, Videnov refused Buckingham with the words: “I cannot meet with a person who wants me to destroy my homeland”.

Without wasting punctuation marks and capital letters, another ruler of the annals powerfully calls out: “Bulgarians who worship and cry for Elizabeth, serving the Western media, do not forget that Elizabeth together with Rothschild approved the genocide of our people!” Cry for the Bulgarians who are dying of hunger and suicide every day!”

It is a real tragedy that such impressive facts have remained hidden from the busy public eye. Today, the idealized image of the Windsor dynasty arouses deserved disdain. Patriotic souls rebel against the flamboyant royal outfits bought with the exorbitant taxes of the British labor collectives, they spit at the adoration of the incomprehensible and tasteless palace masquerade that will never fit into the public agenda

with the casual aesthetics of “The Bachelor” or Nikoleta Lozanova

A photo of the late Queen and her beloved corgis begs the fair question: “Was she as good to people as she was to dogs?” The news that Prince William and his wife are now billionaires has provoked realist remarks such as: “And elsewhere children are dying of hunger” and “What keeps me warm?”. The headline “Could Elizabeth II’s funeral plunge Britain into recession” leads to the witty reference: “Now it’s clear we’re in this mess – counting our bank holidays.”

The death of the tasteless “canary”, the ascension of Charles III with hands swollen from old age, the greed and malice of the heirs to the crown in a straight and silver line unleashed a long-suppressed rebellion in the Bulgarian lands. It’s time to throw down the shovels and point out the real enemies of progress, who left the EU without leaving the visa-free regime at least for honest expats, and didn’t invite Putin to the royal funeral.

How long will we endure?