NIU markets an improved version of its scooter, the KQi3 MAX

It has an unpronounceable name, but enriches the catalog of the brand. NIU, one of the leading manufacturers of electric vehicles with urban micromobility, announces this Thursday, December 8 the launch of its brand new scooter, the KQi3 MAX. As its name suggests, the KQi3 MAX is a boosted version of the KQi3 Pro, already marketed in France.

This Max version thus promises a speed of 25 km / h and a range of 65 km (compared to 50 km on the KQi3 Pro). It is also more skilful on the slope, deploying a maximum power of 900 W, against 700 W on its predecessor. It is powered by a 40V lithium battery, and the scooter has four custom riding modes, including E Save (driving up to 15 km/h), Sport (maximum speed), Pedestrian Mode (the scooter moves forward at slowed to walking speed while the driver walks alongside), and Custom Mode.

The KQI3 MAX is backed by a two-year warranty and is designed “for comfort”, depending on the brand. Thus, the tray, the handlebars and the wheels have been improved to be wider and more resistant, for a possible load of 120 kg. The KQi3 MAX is compatible with the NIU app, which allows users to remotely lock the scooter, check riding stats, or even customize the speed of the scooter.

The KQi3 MAX is available for sale now on Amazon for €899. The Pro version is billed at €699.

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