Nissan wants to reduce the costs of its electrification with the X-in-1 program

Very recently, Nissan – a member of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance – announced its intention to launch, as part of its Ambition 2030 strategy, 27 new electrified models, 19 of which are 100% electric. To achieve this objective, an agreement concluded with Renault and Mitsubishi provides for the use of common technologies, in particular the use of the CMF-BEV platform — potentially compatible at 800 V. This will serve as the basis for the future Nissan Micra, Renault 5 Electric and Mitsubishi Colt.

In addition, Nissan unveiled “its new approach to the development of electrified powertrains” titled X-in-1. Behind this name, which smells like the manga title, is actually hiding a new powertrain (prototype). This combines the main components used on electric vehicles and the hybrid e- Power unique to Nissan.

nissan x-in-1 engine e-power electric

The Japanese manufacturer has developed two engine prototypes. The first, intended for 100% electric models, combines a motor, an inverter and a gearbox (3 in 1), while the second, intended for e-Power models, adds a generator and a heat engine (5 in 1) .

This X-in-1 powertrain should “improve vehicle performance” and minimize noise and vibration thanks to reduced dimensions and weight.

nissan x-in-1 engine e-power electric

The modularity of this X-in-1 power unit will make it possible to produce on the same line “basic components“common to electric vehicles and e-Power models. Result,”this sharing and modularization of core components will improve production efficiency and reduce powertrain costs by approximately 30% compared to 2019“. Nearly 10% will be obtained by reducing the share of materials based on rare earths.

One of Nissan’s goals is to bring the price of its e-Power models in line with that of combustion-powered vehicles by 2026.

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