Nissan Max-Out: the electric roadster that has it in the batteries

On Thursday February 2, Nissan will present a new electric concept car which should be a physical version of the Max-Out virtual study. In any case, this is what the teaser published by the manufacturer suggests: “Join us on February 2 to see what happens when virtual becomes physical. Find out how our latest concept car pushes emission-free mobility to the max!

An enticing program that would mark Nissan’s renewed commitment to sports cars, in the general context of electrification of the manufacturer. When revealing the Max-Out concept last year, the automaker promised “a new driving experience thanks to its superlative stability and comfort, rigorous handling and limited body roll.

These characteristics could be obtained thanks to the use of solid-state batteries by the manufacturer from 2028. The latter could indeed accept “a charging speed three times higher than the 130 kW of the lithium-ion pack of the Nissan Ariya“, said David Moss, Nissan’s senior vice president for research and development in Europe. This technology would reduce the size (and therefore the weight) of the battery pack of cars, offering advantages in terms of performance and of dynamics.

nissan max out electric sports car

As for the interior of the Max-Out, the images revealed revealed a stripped-down layout, with a rectangular steering wheel and above all a large panoramic screen that runs on the top of the dashboard. According to Nissan, the passenger seat can be folded into the floor to gain even more space.

nissan max out electric sports car

The Max-Out roadster could represent the sporty offering of a range of “-Out” cars that heralds the next generation of Nissan electric vehicles. The rest of the range would include the Chill-Out, an SUV to be produced in Sunderland, the Surf-Out pick-up and the Hang-Out minivan.

Nissan has pledged to spend 15.6 billion euros on the development of electric vehicles over the next five years, in addition to the 7.8 billion euros already allocated. See you on February 2 to discover the rest.

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