Nissan Horizon 2023: 19 electric vehicles in preparation

By 2030, the automaker’s global electrification mix is ​​expected to increase to more than 55%, compared to 50% previously forecast. Nissan has also adjusted its interim targets for 2026 in Europe and Japan. Electrified vehicles are expected to account for 98% of sales in Europe by 2026. This represents a jump of 23% from initial targets. For Japan, the target was raised to 75%, from 58% previously.

In the United States, the ambition also remains high, with a desire to reach 40% all-electric in 3 years. On the other hand, in the other big market, China, Nissan is reducing its electrification target to 35% (compared to 40% previously).

nissan ambition 2030

In 2021, Nissan had already released a roadmap to follow up on its early electrification successes with the Leaf. However, the manufacturer remained cautious in its electrification mix, with above all a dual hybrid-electric strategy. 2000 billion yen are supposed to be injected into this 5-year electrification plan with, in addition, the objective of “carbon neutrality” for 2050, both in terms of production and the life cycle of its products.

nissan ambition 2030

A few weeks ago, the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance unveiled more details about its partnership and direction for the next 15 years. According to the press release, Nissan and the Renault group will continue to use common technologies for their European cars, in particular at the level of a potential shared 800-volt architecture and a CMF-BEV platform.

This will serve as the basis not only for the future electric Renault 5, but also for the future Micra. The latter will be designed for Europe at ElectriCity, in the north of France, and will share its traction chain with the Renault city car.

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