Nikolay Mihailov apologized to Levski fans

Nikolay Mihailov apologized to Levski fans

“Levski” captain Nikolay Mihailov spoke to the media for the first time after being eliminated by Hamrun Spartans in the Conference League. It was the goalkeeper of the “blues” who received the most criticism after the fiasco with the Maltese, which ended with an unfortunate elimination for the Bulgarians after the execution of penalties.

“The truth is that the pain, the disappointment and the shock are mostly very big after Thursday night. I really still can’t determine what happened in the whole course of the game. If I have to rewind the tape, the bad luck was with us from the first minute , until the last penalty taken, for which the bitterness and the shock are incredible. I think that in view of the first three games played in Europe – the two against PAOK and the away game in Malta we showed that we can play good football, but on this particular day things did not were going the way we wanted both offensively and defensively. The biggest regret and pain for me is that we let our fans down. It hurts me a lot because of that,” he told Darik.

The guard noted that there were collective errors in both goals, and in both cases it was a huge mistake, as well as in the fifth penalty, which was taken a second time.

Mihailov also commented on the hope for a replay, stressing that there was indeed a huge refereeing error, but refused to go into more details because he was not familiar with the topic.

“Nothing is the same. I can’t compare situation to situation. The fact is that the game didn’t go well neither for me nor for my teammates. I’m to blame for that. I want to apologize to our fans and to all leftists. This is football, this is life, nobody wanted it to happen like this. Hats off to the fans who created a unique European night once again and show their love every day. There are matches like this. There is nothing else to do. apart from apologising. The whole club together must move on. In one game everything turned upside down. No one is immune from mistakes. Nor do I want to make excuses, I bear my responsibility and blame for which I want to apologize to our fans. All of us together did our best to make it to the playoffs to enter the Conference League groups. Against Hamrun we all expected it to be easier. The shock is huge for everyone. The pain won’t go away in a day or two. The pain there will be a lot left It’s been a long time, but the truth is that you have to move on,” he said of the comparisons between the meeting with Werder (Bremen) at the beginning of his career and the one with Hamrun now.