Nicole Kidman will star in a film adaptation of a Goncourt-winning novel

The novel “Gentle Song” by the French-Moroccan writer Leila Slimani, which won the Goncourt prize in 2016, will be adapted by the American channel HBO in a new series with the participation of Nicole Kidman, reported AFP.

HBO has reached an agreement with the production company “Legendary Entertainment” to create and co-produce a series based on Leila Slimani’s book “A Gentle Song,” the American television giant announced in a statement.

In addition to Kidman, the cast of the future production includes the American actress Maya Erskine, and they will also be co-executive producers.

This is the second adaptation of the novel “Gentle Song”, for which the author Leila Slimani won the Goncourt prize in 2016 – the most prestigious literary award in France.

The book, which has sold more than a million copies in France and has been translated worldwide, already has a film adaptation. It is directed by Lucie Borletto and stars Leila Behti and Karin Viar.

The novel tells the story of the murder of two young children by their nanny, an experienced and strange woman, to whom, however, the parents have become attached. The plot was inspired by a crime that took place in October 2012 in New York, which claimed the lives of two children aged two and six. The killer was sentenced in May 2018 to life imprisonment, AFP notes.

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