Nicole Kidman at 55 years old – the perfect fashion icon

Nicole Kidman at 55 years old – the perfect fashion icon

It’s hard to find words to sum up the impressions of Nicole Kidman’s photo shoot for The Perfect Magazine, except that the masses of the Internet were left speechless.

At 55, the actress has the body and face of a woman twice her age, but that’s far from the most remarkable thing. For the cover of the magazine, Kidman poses like her most die-hard fans have never seen her before – in an arsenal of toned arms and abs.

In a cropped red wig, mini skirt and structured Glenn Martens outfit, the actress defies the most basic notions we’ve come up with about her – that she’s a sleek blonde, tall and slim, somehow fitting into conventional fashion.

“Her body looked amazing during the shoot. In preparation for a role, she started more intense upper body training, but what she achieved is a mixed image of a fashion icon and an athlete,” says the stylist and creative director of the katie grande photoshoot.

However, the Internet disagrees with her. After the photos were posted on Instagram, the images were flooded with comments that Kidman’s figure was unhealthy, that she was too muscular and that she was cutting her way into female roles because she “looks like a WWE star.”

If she hadn’t been a Hollywood celebrity long accustomed to sharp dissections of her power, such definitions would have affected her deeply. But it’s Nicole Kidman.

She’s the star who earlier this year appeared in a miniskirt as a reproduction of a high school girl for the February cover of Vanity Fair, ignoring the crossfire on social media that accused her of giving toxic messages to women in her age group.

The actress has long been one of fashion’s most adventurous faces, and since she’s used to surfing this wave, harsh attacks on her style and figure are nothing new to her.

“I make decisions like a teenager without thinking about the consequences. My approach is – if I want to do something, I’ll try. It’s created a lot of ups and downs in my life, but it’s led me to the career I have now,” he says Kidman for The Perfect Magazine.

Aside from her personal insights into her dressing tactics, Nicole Kidman’s style has often made her the subject of mockery and inspiration for memes. And the most famous public ridicule she endured remains the night of the 1997 Academy Awards.

Kidman then accompanied her now-ex-husband Tom Cruise, who was nominated for Best Actor in Jerry Maguire. For the occasion, the actress wore a mustard-colored embroidered silk dress by Dior designed by John Galliano, and the day after she wore it, a separate Wikipedia page was created for her outfit.

The reason for the extraordinary attention is the barrage of negative reactions about the dress, taken by the comedian Joan Rivers. When she took the stage, Rivers joked about Kidman’s dress, saying the color of it made her want to throw up, then mimed throwing up as she walked past the actress.

25 years after this incident, which today passes for humiliation in every paragraph, Kidman says that she does not regret her decision to wear this outfit, which became the target of public ridicule.

“John[Galiano]made it for me and I fell in love with it at first sight. But obviously people didn’t like it. OK, I admit, maybe the dress didn’t fit their criteria of beautiful,” says the star.

As a celebrity who has lived part of her life in front of photographers’ lenses, Kidman has noticed that the public is much more critical of celebrities, expecting them to be more conservative in their clothing as they age.

After turning 50, the actress also felt societal pressure to look and dress like any other middle-aged woman. However, she is far from this thought.

Over the past year, she has become an ambassador for the growing Y2K fashion trend. She stepped in as a model for Balenciaga’s latest collection, is among the stars endorsing the clothes of Rihanna, Generation Z’s favorite fashion icon, and in her honor, The Perfect Magazine titled its cover “The Perfect Icon.”

With her versatility and never-ending curiosity about fashion, Kidman is listed by the magazine as a major figure for the industry, who is unlikely to leave the comments of fashion critics on social media anytime soon.

“I’m not going to stop repeating it – I’m going to do exactly what I want. That’s probably why I’m invited for magazine covers. Because I’m here for the audience to label me, not for me to label the audience,” he commented. Kidman.