Nick deserves a place in F1 –

Nick de Vries; photo: Williams

The performance of Nick de Vries in his unexpected debut in Formula 1 did not go unnoticed among the drivers. The Dutchman was called up by Williams to replace Alex Albon, who underwent surgery for appendicitis. He did one practice session on Friday, but with an Aston Martin, so he only had the third free session to recall his handling of the Williams FW44. De Vries drove in a Friday practice session for the Grove-based team at the start of the Spanish Grand Prix weekend in May. Yesterday afternoon he managed to qualify for Q2, and after the application of the many penalties to other drivers, it appeared that he would start from eighth position on the grid.

“I think it’s hard to be really fast right away, jumping in the car after a practice session. But Nick gave a very good performance. I hope he ends it with a good race as well,” noted Fernando Alonso

“Friday’s practice probably helped him get a little bit of experience. I think he’s doing great. I hope it works out in the competition as well, it will be interesting,” added the Spaniard.

Lewis Hamilton worked with De Vries, who is a Mercedes driver. The seven-time world champion had not yet seen the Dutchman’s ranking when he commented on what kind of driver he is.

“Nick is a very talented competitor. I have known him for a long time, since he was very young. I was still at McLaren and my dad was trying to help him get to Formula 1. He’s a very valuable member of the team. He’s doing a great job on the simulator. He is also super positive, emails me. I was delighted to hear that he would get a chance to drive. He deserves a place in F1 and so I hope his performance is good,” said Hamilton.

Max Verstappen noted that it was great that his compatriot was given the opportunity to demonstrate his qualities

“It happened out of the blue, but it’s great. After all, it’s great that he’s driving for Williams right now because the team was strong at Spa, here as well. I hope he enjoys everything because this is a special moment. Hopefully he avoids problems at the start and has a good race,” said the Red Bull pilot.

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