New tax in Turkey from today, is it hitting our pocket?

As of today, the residence tax comes into force in Turkey. This is likely to make tourism services more expensive. Its value is 2% of the amount of the relevant services.

The question is whether this tax will hit the pocket of the Bulgarian, who is dying to have a cheap holiday in Antalya or to shop on account in the shops of Odrin. It is still debatable, but probably – yes, it will become more expensive.

With the introduction of the tax for staying in the country, the aim is to transfer the collected amount to the state. Its value is equal to 2% of the respective services. All guest accommodation in the country will have to pay 2% of the amount received for the tourist’s stay in them.

In addition, the tax may be included in tours from travel agencies. Pupils and students living in dormitories, boarding houses and campsites are exempt from tax. In addition, representatives of diplomatic missions accredited in Turkey and international organizations whose representatives have diplomatic status do not pay tax.

Despite the fact that the new tax will not directly affect tourists – it will be paid by hoteliers, it is likely that the price of holidays in Turkish hotels will increase. According to hoteliers, one way or another, this tax will be calculated in the price of accommodation. But according to the already concluded contracts of the tour operators for the summer of 2023. there may be no changes.

However, tour operators note that the contribution of the tax to the projected increase in the price of holidays in Turkey in 2023 is insignificant. Experts recalled that earlier Turkish hoteliers warned of a price increase of up to 50% compared to last year. The impact of value tax is most likely taken into account in the estimates.


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