New investments in solar parks begin in the Balkans

The investment in North Macedonia will also include additional expansion by building an additional 35 mW of solar capacity, for which the Israeli company has purchased land around the already existing projects and has begun the processes of obtaining permission to connect to the grid for a total of 105 mW. So far, the planned total investment is estimated at EUR 53 million.

The estimated revenue from the North Macedonian project is 7.9 million euros per year at prices of 70 euros/mWh or a return on the project in about 6 years from its commissioning.

The Israeli retail brand has a clear diversification strategy, as the investment in the North Macedonian projects was made through the Hungarian company of BIG Energia Holdings. Through the same company, at the beginning of June 2022, two wind farms in Romania with an annual production capacity of 384 GWh were also purchased. The investment is worth 135 million euros, and the estimated operating profit (EBITDA – earnings before taxes, fees, interest and depreciation) for the company in the operating period of 25 years is 16 million euros per year, or a total of 400 million euros for the whole period.

El Solardo – the valley of the sun in Greece

The coal valley of Greece in Kozani, where just 3 months ago the official launch was given the largest solar park in the Balkans with a capacity of 204.3 MW. – Hellenic Petroleum projectit seems, will continue to develop as a solar energy hub

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